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FEP European Parquet Federation

About us

Our Activities

The activities of FEP are situated in the areas of raw material supply, production, market and internal affairs. Typical examples of work items are:

The collection of market data in FEP territory and beyond

The follow-up of relevant European legislation and standardisation

The publication of newsletters

The organisation of an annual European Parquet Congress

The initiation of market research related to parquet flooring

The promotion of personal contact and communication amongst its members

Our Tasks and Goals

It is the main body representing and defending the interests of the European parquet industry at all relevant levels.

Members of FEP obtain the following services 

⇒ Invitation to attend the FEP Annual Congress, which is an excellent opportunity to meet other European parquet companies, suppliers as well as national parquet federations
⇒ Possibility of giving a presentation at the FEP Annual Congress
⇒ Possibility to obtain information about all FEP actions as regards technical, commercial and legal advice
⇒ Defence of your position by FEP in front of the European authorities
⇒Your company (name, address, etc.) is mentioned on the FEP website

⇒ Access to the extranet section of the FEP website
⇒ Free subscription to the FEP Newsletter, which is issued 6 times per year and summarises the main events and developments of the parquet market/industry at European level
⇒ A copy of the FEP annual statistics survey
Furthermore, the FEP staff will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding raw material supply, production, market and internal affairs, European legislation and standardisation at European level.
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FEP Parquet

Our Board

Mr Lorenzo Onofri (IT), Chairman

Mrs Isabelle Brose (BE), Managing Director

Mr Klaus Brammertz (CH) - Bauwerk Group Schweiz AG

Dr Peter Hamberger (DE) - Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG

Mr Javier Hervás (ES) - Mariano Hervás S.A.

Mr Jean-Marc Legrand (FR) - Berryalloc

Mr Johan Magnusson (SE) - Kährs

Mr Karl Scheucher (AT) - Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH & Co

Mr Niclas Wullt (SE) - Tarkett SAS

Our Staff

The secretariat aims at supporting the members to the best of its abilities. Personalised services are rendered when feasible and fitting within the FEP mission.​​​​​​​

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