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Members are regularly informed about developments which are of importance for their business such as markets (statistics and reports), product standardization, raw material supply, construction legislation.

Decision making

A direct impact of the parquet manufacturers on the activities of the association, in their best interest.


Benefit from discussions with colleagues and competitors on the occasion of FEP (e-)meetings and congresses.


Based in Brussels, the FEP Secretariat has direct contacts with a large number of institutions, authorities, organizations and related industrial federations. Why not take advantage of its services?

Internet presence

All FEP members will be listed with contact details and hyperlinks on the FEP website. This FEP site will focus in particular on the FEP member companies, promoting "European Parquet".

Please send your request for admission to the FEP Secretariat. In line with the usual procedure, your demand will be sent to our Board of directors for their evaluation. 

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