Frédéric Henry wins the 2014 FEP Award

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Frédéric Henry, Managing Director of the Standardisation Office for Wood and Furniture (Bureau de Normalisation du Bois et de l’Ameublement, BNBA) is the laureate of the 2014 FEP Award

The French normalisation office BNBA is a non-profit organization based in Paris. The BNBA, which represents 49 national commissions and committees, is integrated into the FCBA and oversees and coordinates all standardisation works concerning wood, its derivatives and furniture. An architect by training, Frédéric Henry became thoroughly familiar with the parquet industry when he joined Swedish laminate flooring manufacturer Perstorp Flooring in 1990. There, he worked on French and European standardisation. In 2000, as manager of the Certification and Testing department of CERIB, he gained extensive experience in the area of precast concrete products certification, and became involved with a wide range of activities relating to CE marking, quality assurance and testing procedures.

He went on to serve on numerous standardisation committees as an expert.

In 2003, he was promoted to director of the Concrete Industry Standardisation Office BNIB. Over the years, he has represented the concrete industry at multiple international meetings as well as in European standardisation committees.

Since 2008, he has been at the helm of the BNBA. His expertise in the area of flooring and standardisation has earned him appointments to positions in numerous committees, including chairman of the French mirror committee for parquet.

Recognising Frédéric Henry’s expertise and efforts, the 2014 FEP Award underlines his contribution to our industry. The FEP believes that his work will continue to benefit both the parquet industry and the public it strives to serve with ever-improved products, backed by substantiated information.

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