Bernhard Lysser wins the 2013 FEP Award

Bernhard Lysser, winner, FEP, Award, 2013, federation, parquet, floors

Bernhard Lysser was named winner of the second FEP Award. As a prominent expert in the field of wood flooring products, more specifically of parquet, Bernhard Lysser has proven to be a valuable colleague who has made a significant contribution to the expertise of the Swiss and European parquet industry.

Mr Lysser is no stranger to the parquet industry having founded his own parquet company as well as running another company for several years. He has served as a court-appointed expert for parquet, cork and laminate as well as all other types of substructures for over 20 years in Switzerland and beyond and is also a valued parquet consultant, sharing his know-how during presentations at trade shows, expert conferences and in company academies all over Europe. In 1990 he was appointed Managing Director of the ISP working hard to develop the federation. Since he joined the ISP the membership has grown from 86 to 210 to date.

This is largely Bernhard’s merit as he helped raise the ISP’s profile considerably, among others with a striking advertising campaign, using Smart cars which are leased to ISP members for one year. There are currently 15 to 20 Smart cars still driving around on Swiss roads, with advertising for parquet and the ISP logo.

Recognising Bernhard Lysser’s expertise and efforts, the 2013 FEP Award underlines his contribution to our industry. The FEP believes that his work will continue to benefit both the parquet industry and the public it strives to serve with ever-improved products, backed by substantiated information.

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